Diligent hardware engineering is fundamental

Customer-specific hardware engineering is the basis for drafting automation and robot technology, e.g. in body construction. To ensure comprehensive plant automation at the highest quality standards, planning and development of electronic plant and machinery components is a central phase within the SMRE process chain. In close coordination with our customers, we create realistic design plans, including all necessary order information. For this purpose, the company employs cutting edge CAE technologies (Computer Aided Engineering) provided by EPLAN and other system providers. CAE technologies support the full digitisation and automation of frequent work steps.

The more precise the hardware engineering, the better the automation solution

For the realisation of extremely efficient and economic electrical designs, we base our work on clearly worded control specifications and employ the functionality of the most advanced technologies. In particular, integration and configuration of industry robots, as well as conceptual realisation of electrical current flow diagrams, circuits, installation plans or bills of materials are important success factors within this process step. Hardware engineering is responsible for the plant supplier’s specifications for the implementation plan, as well as the design and construction requirements and requirements specifications of our customer.

The decision, which specific industry robot model, supplier and material are to be used is always the customer’s responsibility. We extended our robotic engineering expertise across various manufacturers in numerous robotics projects. Among others, we put industry robots from KUKA, FANUC and ABB into operation for our customers.

Our above average willingness to provide superior performance already starts with our hardware engineering

In each and every process phase, we place great emphasis on a constructive coordination with our customers. Because only if the requirements on the targeted automation technique, its realizability and intended efficiency and profitability are clearly defined, can additional optimisation measures be implemented in a productive and profitable manner. Within the scope of hardware design, we are always facing the challenge to achieve even with the smallest input the best possible output result and to exceed customer expectations.