Modern industry automation Industry robots conquer production

Automation plays, among others, an ever increasing role in the automobile industry. Based on the most advanced technologies and robot types, the degree of automation is continuously rising in the producing industry. The most frequent arguments for the use of intelligent robot technology are, among others, performance, efficiency and quality increase, as well as the factor time. With the support of intelligent robots, complex work can be performed quick and automated in the future.

Individual robot technology for the automobile industry

In the automotive series production, industry robots are increasingly used. With an individually programmed industry robot, it is for example possible to guarantee compliance with tight schedules or a constant high product quality over the long term. As a close partner of the automobile industry, we provide extensive advice to customers concerning robot technology and offer customers a broad range of services. In particular, universal programmable production plants for the handling, assembly or processing of work pieces make process and work flows in automobile production more perfect.

Our scope of services includes:

Advice and selection of an industry robot in compliance with requirements

Robot programming

Assembly, installation and putting into operation

Optimal integration into the production process

Optimisation of process and work flows

Robot maintenance

Additional available applications: Gluing, lasering, clinching, GMA-welding, roll hemming etc.

Achieve your production maximum with us

Robot technology is a strongly innovation driven, complex field that requires total focus and a distinct standard of knowledge from our staff. Targeted training courses impart our engineers and technicians a basic technological understanding and inform on the most advanced programming trends and robot models. In addition, a good visual thinking simplifies the design phase and helps our staff in the integration of robots into an existing production.

In general, SMRE employs two robot programming methods: offline programming and online programming. In the case of offline programming simulation is not performed with the robot but virtually. With the support of special software, programming is controlled from an external computer. Whereas online programming is performed directly with the industry robot. An additional quality test initiates in advance remedy of any remaining sources of errors and facilitates final optimisation measures prior to the configuration.

Regardless of whether customers are looking for a new robot for their production or plan the optimisation of their existing program structure – our experts develop for any requirement the best robot control. Documentation of programming and putting into operation is prepared for verification purposes.