Perfect functionality with automation engineering from SMRE

As your one-stop solution provider, we will support you not only during the hardware and software engineering phase, but far beyond this phase. Directly after the completion of software engineering, the responsible team will prepare putting into operation of the robot-controlled production plant.

High-quality robot and plant systems with a quality and safety commitment

All industry robots and automation plants programmed by us, undergo several quality tests and malfunction analyses prior to their deployment. Supported by specific software tools and our trained eyes, we initiate a comprehensive test. The use of software significantly shortens the time needed for putting into operation, minimises the risk of avoidable input errors and cost.

A continuous, but primarily malfunction-free plant operation is a must for any successful industrial company. The pre-programmed sequence, the electrical and automated functionality, as well as all available plant applications are extremely thoroughly tested in every detail. We analyse the results jointly with our customers and, for example, define motion sequences more precisely, if necessary. We achieve efficiency increases by targeted optimisation.

To make work for us and our customers easier during the individual process steps and to exclude potential mistakes from the onset, reliable labelling of materials is an integral component of each project. Labelling of materials is a part of the documentation. Labelling of materials ensures reliable working across factories and countries.

Acting quick and focussed on the objective

A thorough test phase is extremely important in the field of automation engineering to exploit the maximum performance of every plant and to exceed the expectations of our customers. During this project phase, the broad range of competencies of our staff has a particular significant impact. This broad range of competencies helps in the identification and remedy of known problem areas, opens promising solution approaches and ensures customer-friendly, well founded consultancy. This saves both parties valuable time. While other companies must first identify potential sources of errors and develop optimal solutions, we use this time for customer trainings. Simultaneously, a detailed documentation is prepared during each test phase.