Sustained high performance level up to the final assembly

Nobody is more knowledgeable of the most recent technologies than us. For this reason, construction, assembly and installation of electric plants are an inseparable part of our service offering in the field of automation engineering. We know the visions of our customers, the high safety requirements and we know what are the key factors in the individual industries. This is reflected in the quality, the price, the high degree of flexibility and the efficient energy use of our offered installation and assembly services. This relates to:

Assembly and installation of complete plants

Assembly and installation of individual components

Connection of all cable and system lines

Installation of switchgears

Integration into existing systems

Measurement, Control and Electrical Engineering

Coordinated services: effective installation and assembly

Following the customer plans from hardware engineering, installation of switchgears, terminal boxes, operating consoles, drive cabinets, as well as installation of cable ducts is performed, among others. One step later all elements are connected. For this purpose, the respective cable and system lines are installed and connected. In this phase, the precise and exact work during the previous process phases pays off. A clear laser labelling of the components makes work for the installers and assemblers tremendously easier. After the production plant’s installation and assembly is complete, electronic measurements are performed.

In automation engineering long-standing experience and expertise is decisive

At SMRE, all staff members work hand in hand. Assemblers, installers and programmers are in routine contact with each other. This results in a very focussed and versed work method, which has a lasting effect on solution development and optimisation.

An additional benefit is the long-standing expertise and work experience of the Chinese colleagues. Due to the international composition of the teams, consisting of Chinese and non-Chinese staff members, it is possible to realise much shorter installation times.